Thursday, 1 November 2012

Up, up & Away ...

Last week saw me and the family get on a plane and fly off to Finland for a few days. It was the first time we had, as a family, been on a plane and the first flight ever for Miss G.

We flew via Ryanair to Tampere which is a really lovely little town. The reason we went there ...

was to see Mr J who is spending a term doing International Politics at Tampere University. He's been there since August and won't be home until Christmas so we went to see him. It was about 1 degree when we got there and -4 when we left but it didn't feel as cold as it did when we arrived back in the UK.

The Finnish people are very friendly and laid back and are happy to speak English and I would thoroughly recommend it for a city break. We stayed in an Omena hotel which sleeps four people in a room and it was around £40 per night. They have no reception or staff apart from cleaners so that keeps the cost down. It was clean, well thought out and functional. We only need it to sleep and shower in really don't we?

It's the first time I'd seen a double decker train so I had to take a picture!

The Three Musketeers together again and a lovely Finnish church in the town square.

A bit of Finnish writing for you - haven't a clue what it says and how cool is that chair?

On our last day we woke up to snow! Miss J and Miss G couldn't get up and dressed quick enough and we were outside by 8am! They had their picture taken with Santa (aka Mr  Handmade Lifestyle). The picture below this is the local theatre.

Sadly, before we knew it, it was time to board the shop in the sky (those of you who have flown with Ryanair will know what I mean!!) and head back to England ... 


  1. Hello! I am your swap partner for the Christmas swap.

    I have never done a swap before and am really looking forward to choosing all the things to swap and of course recieving mine!
    I have had a look at your blog - looks like you had fun in Finland, hope that you have warmed up now!

  2. We did have fun in Finland and I am looking forward to choosing things to swap as well. I did a swap last year and I loved it and I'm doing two this year x