Monday, 1 October 2012

The Final Curtain ... or Curtains Finally!!

Around a year or so ago I gave the kitchen a bit of a make-over. The walls went from lime green to a stone colour and I made a feature wall behind the cooker and slapped some aubergine paint on it. The melamine cupboards went from a dirty painted white to the same stone colour as the walls and the kitchen looked fab and will keep me going another year or so until I can FINALLY get a new kitchen to my liking ... sigh

All that remained was for me to run up a pair of curtains ... a small job and with my sewing skills I could do it in no time at all but August turned into September and then October and then November and my mom passed away and I just couldn't do much apart from funeral arrangements and then December and my teenage son had major surgery relating to Crohns and so that was another traumatic time for us as a family and everything went on the back burner and the next thing I knew it was February and the almost 19 year old son had more surgery and before you know it it's September 2012 and still NO curtains.

Last week I decided to make the flipping things as Miss J and Miss G kept on at me now it was dark earlier and they don't like going in the kitchen when it's dark outside as the bogeyman obviously lives in our back garden. So on Monday last week I trotted off to the dentist for a bit of root canal and a good deep clean of the gums as you do. Before I went I planned the curtains and had decided for speed to use a pair of vintage curtains that I had bought last year for £3 at my local charity shop. I decided to trim them to size and make tab tops. This I planned to do the following morning.

What followed was NOT pleasant dear readers ... the pain after the anaesthetic wore off was HORRENDOUS - it made childbirth seem a doddle. I was up to my eyeballs in paracetamol which just about took the edge off the matter but I decided to plod on with said curtains.

I managed to do them and get a before and after picture for you but don't look too closely or you will notice that one is slightly longer than the other but I am choosing to ignore this at the moment but given time I will have to sort it out as it will bug me. At least there are no more complaints about being too scared to go into the kitchen at night.

Luckily I did do them on Tuesday as I spent the next two days in bed in agony and drugged up on painkillers but I am happy to report that the pain that went from the jaw, up to my ear and up to my head has now gone but needless to say I have postponed todays' appointment to have the rest of the deep clean until next week!

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