Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Sunshine & A Cloudy Day!

I have not done much on the creative front for a while so I have decided to show you what I have done instead. Actually, that isn't true as I actually got round to patchworking a bedroom wall. I was so pleased with it that I am doing another one as well - blog to follow about that.

The weekend before last was Heritage Weekend in the UK which means that many buildings that are not usually open to the public are accessible and also the entrance fee is waivered in others.

We decided to make the most of this and headed into Birmingham to our first destination which was Singers Hill Synagogue. This is a beautiful building which has been there since the 1800's and was designed by the same man that designed Birmingham Town Hall. We went on a little tour and I was amazed that our guide was friends with someone from my hometown in South Africa. It started with me recognising his accent and I asked if he was South African and he said he was from Zimbabwe but his parents were South African and we went on to discuss where his parents were from etc and it turns out that he knows my little town well. Small world hey?

Anyway, the shul was beautiful and we were told all about its history and the history of the Jews in Birmingham.

After leaving the shul we made our way to Edgbaston to Winterbourne House. This is an Arts & Crafts House and was once the home of the man who started town planning.

Although having lived in Birmingham for some time now this was one place I had never been to. The house inside is stunning but we only had access to the ground floor which was a bit disappointing as had we had to pay it would have been poor value for money. The garden however was stunning and HUGE and luckily it was a gloriously sunny day.

As you will see from the pictures Miss J and Miss G put in an appearance as does a book that I left for someone to find. I Bookcross a lot of books so if you find one somewhere take it and read it, if you don't like it just leave it somewhere else for someone else. I sat and watched loads of people just look at it and walk by. I have only ever found one book this way and I was beyond excited but that's just me - a bookworm. I left alot around Dorset/Somerset when I was on holiday back in July/August and it's always lovely when someone logs it in with Bookcrossing and leaves a comment.

So that was the sunny bit ... Moving on to last Wednesday and the cloudy bit. It wasn't so much cloudy but more like torrential rain threatens to stop play.

We had booked tickets several months ago to go and see the England vs South Africa T20 at Edgbaston Cricket Club and I was super excited to see South Africa play. It was due to start at 6:30pm and it was lashing it down at 5pm when we got there and I was convinced play wouldn't go ahead but at 8:15pm it finally did but instead over 20 overs it was 11 and South Africa got thrashed. In spite of that and the bitter cold and not forgetting the foul language from the men behind us who were drunk and them nearly bursting my eardrums shouting for one of the England players cap a good time was had by all apart from Mr Handmade who has vowed he will never be going again so not to ask him ...

The next blog post will feature the patchwork wall and hopefully, fingers crossed the mini chest of drawers which is awaiting the makeover ...

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your week and have a fab weekend xx

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