Friday, 31 August 2012

Shades of Blue ...

I am not normally a fan of blue it has to be said but lately I seem to be drawn to it. Not just any old blue you understand but pale blue in particular. It all started when I started collecting wallpaper samples to make a patchwork wall in my bedroom. For some reason I was drawn to the blues ... it may be down to the fact that there wasn't much choice in my local DIY stores ... or maybe I do like blue after all. Either way, I decided to paint the walls leading upstairs.

We don't have a hall as such. You open the front door and there are the stairs in front of you and up you go. We also live in a terraced house and are the third house in a row of four and so we don't have much light leading upstairs just the bit from the front door. Bearing this in mind I chose a duck egg blue. As usual it's always darker than on the tin but I do love it anyway.

The hall was in a hell of a state before it's makeover as it hadn't been done for years which can only be put down to a busy life and a hint of laziness and also a husband who I have yet to see even hold a paintbrush after 21 years of marriage! So, I enlisted the help of my 16 year old daughter and we set about it.

Hardly inspiring is it? So out comes the Duck Egg blue and we turned it into this ...

We had originally painted the wall behind all the pictures in the blue as well but it just looked so dark that we went over it with several coats of white to lighten it up. It still isn't completely finished as some of the woodwork needs painting in white and also we are taking the carpet out and doing something with the stairs but ... you will have to wait and see as I'm keeping it to myself at the moment but it will have the WOW factor!

The makeover so far has cost me £14 for the paint and £6 for two lampshades in the same shade of blue and they were reduced at my local DIY store. It's quite possible to do a room up on a small budget and I just wanted to freshen it up a bit as it was looking drab to put it mildly!


  1. I think the colour looks lovely, I am a firm believer that a light colour is often brighter then plain old white. Oh! How I hate white! Can't wait to see it finished x

  2. Thank you Rebecca and I agree. I think we need a bit of colour in our rooms and a light colour is often brighter than white which I personally find boring anyway x